DESPR Health Disparities Workgroup

What We Do:

The purpose of the DESPR Health Disparities Workgroup is to identify research areas that will have an impact on policies and practices aimed at reducing health disparities. Towards this end, the Workgroup will address research to:

  • Improve understanding of the epidemiology of drug use and drug use disorders within and across populations groups that fall within the purview of the NIH/NIDA health disparities definition
  • Improve understanding of the etiology of drug use and addiction within and across racial minority and other populations affected disproportionately by the consequences of drug use
  • Improve understanding of issues related to drug use and addiction that affect the delivery of drug abuse prevention, treatment, health services within racial/ ethnic and other underserved populations
  • Promote the involvement of underrepresented minority scientists and scientists from underserved groups in drug abuse research.

Workgroup Members: