2016-2020 NIDA Strategic Plan
Goals and Objectives

A central element of NIDA’s mission is strategically supporting and conducting basic and clinical research on drug use (including nicotine), its consequences, and the underlying neurobiological, behavioral, and social mechanisms involved. The central focus of NIDA’s mission is to support and conduct biomedical research to understand, prevent, and treat drug use and its consequences. The goals and objectives laid out in this strategic plan provide an overview of the broad research priorities in this area spanning basic science, translational, clinical, applied, and population-based research. In addition, this plan outlines four priority focus areas that present unique opportunities to leverage over the next 5 years.

The four strategic goals are:

The four priority focus areas are:

  1. Understanding the complex interactions of factors influencing drug use trajectories
  2. Accelerating development of treatments
  3. Addressing real-world complexities
  4. Advancing bidirectional translation