Data Science (Neuroinformatics) Program Officer

The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), Division of Neuroscience and Behavior (DNB), Office of the Director is currently recruiting for a data science Program Officer. The mission of the Division of Neuroscience and Behavior is to discover, facilitate and promote outstanding basic animal and human research supporting the mission of NIDA, to identify the causes and consequences of drug addiction and misuse across the lifespan and to guide treatment strategies. DNB develops and supports an extramural research program that will advance the understanding of the genetic, chemical, neurobiological and behavioral mechanisms of addictive drugs and their long-term consequences. Research related to the neurobiological bases of reward and the behaviors that characterize the cycle of addiction are a primary focus of DNB. Additionally, an integral component of DNB’s scientific mission is to grow and maintain a diverse workforce that is dedicated to these research goals and is supported through training initiatives that span from predoctoral level to mid-stage investigator. The Office of the Director directs, coordinates, and supports the Division’s missions and activities through maintaining and evaluating strategic directions and goals, supporting goals through the branch structure, and developing and leveraging collaborations and activities across NIDA and NIH.

The data science Program Officer would be responsible for assisting in the management of a research portfolio of grants using data science approaches to advance science on the causes of consequences of drug use and addiction. Additionally, the grant portfolio would include data curation, sharing, access, reproducibility, security, analysis, harmonization, quality metrics and standards, and visualization. The data science program officer would also serve as a representative for NIDA on NIH-wide and multi-agency committees.

For additional information about this position, please contact Dr. Roger Little, alittle@mail.nih.go