Supervisory Health Scientist Administrator (Branch Chief) (Substance Use Disorders)

The NIDA DTMC is seeking an exceptional candidate for a Supervisory Health Scientist Administrator (Branch Chief) position focused on research of novel therapeutic approaches for Substance Use Disorders (SUD). DTMC administers a research portfolio of grants and contracts that includes the identification and evaluation of the efficacy and/or safety of medications, devices, digital, behavioral, or other therapeutic interventions for SUDs, and the medical consequences of SUDs.

The Supervisory Health Scientist Administrator will provide authoritative advice and guidance on highly technical matters and therapeutic strategies pertaining to the development of treatments for opioid, stimulant (cocaine and methamphetamine), cannabis, and nicotine use disorders and overdose. The ideal candidate should have an advanced degree in medicine, psychology, pharmacology, biochemistry, or biomedical related field.

How to apply? Please apply to the Supervisory HSA job announcement links below. The announcement is open from January 18th – January 27th, 2023. For additional information please contact Aida Klun 301.213.4382,

Delegated Examining (Open to the Public)

Merit Promotion (Open to Status Candidates)