Analysis of Ketamine Use in Drug Abusers

C. Zhao

C. Zhao, Z. Lian, Y. Liu, Z. Liu, and Y. Mu National Institute on Drug Dependence, Peking University, Beijing, China

Objective: To understand ketamine use in drug abusers and provide data for the prevention of ketamine abuse.

Methods: The data of ketamine users in 1,404 questionnaires collected during a survey on ATS epidemiology in 11 cities were analyzed.

Results: There were 302 ketamine users (accounting for 21.5 percent) found in the survey including 187 males and 115 females. The average age was 27.3 a +/-5.4 a. The main reason for use was seeking euphoria (51.2 percent) and getting rid of vexation (19.3 percent). 80.5 percent of users were heroin or opiate abusers. Most of them (89.1 percent) used ketamine in singing and dancing halls and 70.9 percent of them obtained ketamine also in singing and dancing halls.

Conclusion: Young males are the main group of ketamine users. Singing and dancing halls are the main place they choose to use and get ketamine. Specific prevention and intervention programs should be taken to control ketamine abuse.

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East Asia
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