Stress and Addiction: Using Drugs to Cope with Stress and Addiction as a Stress Result

Dan Velea

Velea, Dan; Hautefeuille, Michel Marmottan Hospital, Paris

Stress was defined by Selye (1936) as the general adaptative syndrome, as a response of the organism to aggression and trauma. Actually, we agree that stress is a normal reaction unless there are pathologies. We studied burn-out, karoshi syndrome and the repetition of stress in the professional life. Stress is a reaction between neurotransmitters, the hypothalamic-hypophisary axe and the cortico-steroid system. Stress appears to be the result of fatigue and disadaptative manner of reaction that drives the human being to cope; addiction could be one of these coping solutions (using drugs or behavioral addictions). But it also appears that addiction and drug use could generate stress. Another aspect studied in our practice is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and addiction.

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