NIDA-IRP Opioid Translational Research Symposium


NIDA-IRP, Atrium of the BRC Bldg.; Johns Hopkins Bayview Campus, Baltimore


Adrienne Snyder
NIDA Intramural Research Program (IRP)

Additional Information

We would like to invite you to an opioid translational research symposium that will be held at the NIDA-IRP on Wednesday, May 22, 2019. The agenda is below with the list of speakers and the titles of their lectures.

Organizers: Yavin Shaham, David Epstein,  Kenzie Preston, Amy Newman

Webex Information:

Event number: 621 658 629 
Event password: NIDAIRP


Speaker Time Presentation
Amy Newman 8:50 Introduction to the symposium
Morning Session (extramural)
Chris Evans 9:00 Targeting Negative Affect for Treatment of Pain & Addiction
Charlie Chavkin 9:25 Kappa Antagonists as Therapeutics for Opioid Addiction
Nur Zaveri 9:50 NOP-MOP Agonists for Pain and Addiction Treatment
Coffee break 10:15
Matt Banks 10:45 A Preclinical Algorithm for Evaluating Novel Opioid Use Disorder Medications
Sandra Comer 11:10 Opioid Use Disorder Medication Development: Do Preclinical and Clinical Data Align?
Ken Silverman 11:35 Therapeutic Workplace to Address Poverty and Opioid Addiction.
Diana Martinez 12:00 Discussant
Lunch plus poster session 12:15
Afternoon session (intramural)
Sergi Ferre 1:30 Opioid-galanin Heteromers Determine Opioid Dopaminergic Effects
Leandro Vendruscolo 1:55 Heroin Addiction Engages Brain Stress Systems
Chloe Jordan 2:20 D3 Antagonists Decrease Opioid Reward and Increase Analgesia
Coffee break 2:45
Jennifer Bossert 3:15 A Rat Model of Opioid Agonist Maintenance Therapy
Kenzie Preston 3:40 Clonidine for Relapse Prevention: From Rat Models to the Community
David Epstein 4:05 What’s Odd about OUD: Translational Issues Unique to Opioids
Rita Valentino 4:30 Discussant
Wilson Compton 4:45 Concluding Remarks

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