NIDA-NIAAA Frontiers in Addiction Research Mini-Convention


Marriott Marquis Chicago, IL Grand Lakes Ballroom E & F 2121 S Prairie Ave Chicago, IL

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The annual NIDA-NIAAA Mini-Convention provides a forum for presentations and discussions of current topics in neuroscience and addiction research. Additionally, the Mini-Convention showcases research by premier early stage and junior investigators and is highlighted by a keynote address from the Jacob P. Waletzky Memorial Award Recipient. This year’s scientific sessions are: 1) Sensing New Opportunities for Addiction Neuroscience; 2) Novel Technologies and Innovative Approaches for Translational Research Targeting Alcohol and Substance Use Disorders; and 3) Rewriting Genes by CRISPR for Substance Dependence and Psychiatric Disorder Research. Event website and solicitation of applications for the Early Career Investigator Showcase [ECIS] presentations coming soon.

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