#CPDD What’s Hot: Naloxone Rescue Kits

Video length: 1:09



Mari-Lynn Drainoni Speaking:

I talked about a new program at Boston Medical Center in our major safety net hospital, in Boston to implement the standing order to give naloxone to emergency department patients who are at risk of or had an overdose.

It is really hard to implement a new thing, cause you have lots of people and lots of moving parts in an E., in a very busy emergency room with really sick people, really at risk people, people running around and we are in a neighborhood that has all kinds of treatment programs, homeless programs, shelters, prisons, around us and so we have a high volume, and it is very, very hard to do.

Particularly because even though people believe in the science and believe in the policy.

It is hard to put it in the workflow, patients don't necessarily want it.

So they are there by themselves and not sort of the best people to get it, so it's a big challenge, and we have work to do.