Opportunities for Using Electronic Health Record Data for Substance Use Prevention Research and Intervention Delivery




Sarah Steverman, Ph.D., MSW

Meeting Summary

Additional Information

A wealth of data exists in electronic health records (EHR) that may improve our ability to identify individuals at risk for substance misuse and facilitate their linkage to preventive services. Research utilizing EHR data to study this identification and subsequent engagement in/delivery of prevention services within primary care settings could inform the evidence needed to address United States Preventive Services Task Force (USPTSF) research gaps as they relate to unhealthy substance use screening and intervention. The purpose of this workshop is to review the landscape of EHR data that may be leveraged for prevention intervention and services research.

Workshop Agenda

  • Meeting Introduction and Welcome from NIDA
  • Session 1: Stakeholder Perspectives EHR Use in the Context of Primary Care-Based Substance Use Prevention
    This session will provide an overview of potential uses, challenges, and opportunities for using EHR data in primary care and pediatrics-based prevention intervention and research from the perspective of key stakeholders such as pediatricians and representatives of the USPSTF.
  • Session 2: Potential for Using EHRs in Research
    The focus of this session will be research that successfully used electronic health record data to study substance use, mental health, pediatrics, and health disparities research.
  • Session 3: Use of EHRs in NIDA-funded Research
    During this session, researchers will highlight the ways they have used EHR data in NIDA-funded projects and challenges and lessons learned from their research.
  • Meeting Wrap-up

For questions about the workshop, contact Sarah Steverman, PhD, MSW at sarah.steverman@nih.gov.

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