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Databases and Data Sharing

New NIH Data Sharing Site

The Office of Extramural Research announces the NIH Scientific Data Sharing website which will serve as a central portal for resources on NIH sharing policies, how to share and submit data, how to access data from NIH-supported repositories, and more!

NIH does not endorse or require sharing of data on any particular repository/database, although some initiatives and Notices of Funding Opportunities will have individual requirements. Overall, the NIH encourages researchers to select the repository/database that is most appropriate for their data type and discipline.


Prevention & Treatment Resources

Genetics Resources

Cell Biology & Neuroscience Resources

Standard Measures

  • Data Harmonization Projects – Projects developing common measurements for use across studies.
  • PhenX Toolkit – Standard measures, with standard protocols and requirements for data collection, for conducting human subject research.
  • Treatment Research Institute (TRI) – Includes the Addiction Severity Index (ASI) and Drug Evaluation Network System (DENS), providing information, measures, and data archives from projects examining the drug abuse treatment service delivery.

Financing & Economic Research Resources

  • Drug Abuse Treatment Cost Analysis Program (DATCAP) – A battery of cost data collection instruments and interview guides for use in medical treatment and social service settings to estimate the cost of treatment and the client levels, developed by Michael T. French, Ph.D., University of Miami.
  • Substance Abuse Services Cost Analysis Program (SASCAPA) – A battery of cost data collection instruments designed to collect service costs and revenue and labor costs across treatments, developed by Gary A. Zarkin, Ph.D., and Laura J. Dunlap, Ph.D., RTI, North Carolina.

Statistical Analysis

General Resources