NIDA Drug Supply Program

The NIDA Drug Supply Program is administered by the Division of Therapeutics and Medical Consequences (DTMC). In addition to funding research in drug abuse, addiction, prevention, and treatment, NIDA facilitates such research to accomplish its mission by providing chemicals and research probes that are either unavailable, difficult to obtain, or very costly for researchers to procure. In addition, this program also provides analytical services for the analysis of researchers experimental samples.

Please Note: The NIDA Drug Supply Program (NDSP) is not currently accepting courier packages.  If you would like to order from the drug supply program please contact Dr. Rik Kline the NDSP mailbox by email to discuss your request.

NIDA Drug Supply Program

Standard THC Unit To Be Used in Research

Nicotine Research Cigarettes Drug Supply Program (NRC)

For additional information contact Rik Kline or NDSP General Mailbox