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MicroBeta cell harvester assembly/6-well wash/aspirator head assembly
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National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH)

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Analytic laboratory instrument manufacturing
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30 days ARO
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Revvity Health Sciences, Inc.
Single-Sole Source Determination
The manifold assembly system listed herein is available from only one source, and competition is precluded for the reasons indicated below. There are no substitutes available.
The MicroBeta system is a highly efficient platform that has enabled us to screen numerous synthesized compounds for specificity and selectivity towards designated protein targets (receptors). The essential characteristics of the cell harvest assembly of the MicroBeta system that limit the availability to a sole source is Revvity Health Sciences, Inc. is the only company that can provide this part for our system. This part is the exact fit for our existing MetaBeta System-2450. The cell harvest assembly consists of 96 vacuum microtubes, each surrounded by another microtube through which a buffer is dispensed to wash the contents of each of the 96 wells. These is no other cell harvest assembly in the market that can fit in our current MetaBeta System-2450. Changing to another system would also risk the current data already collected from previous studies.
Background/Description of Requirement

The Molecular Imaging Branch screens and selects newly synthesized compounds that demonstrate selectivity and good affinity for designated brain receptors.  Compounds with favorable properties are then radiolabeled with short-lived radionuclides for preclinical animal evaluations. The MicroBeta instrument enables the assay of particulate radioactivity (e.g., tritium). For such studies, we use                             membranes in binding assays. After incubating them with radioactivity, we filter, harvest the membranes, wash them, and then count the associated radioactivities.  The harvester assembly is susceptible to becoming clogged with residual tissue and other residues, which may disable the instrument until it is cleaned. Cleaning this part is not easy and can potentially damage the assembly, rendering the entire instrument inoperable and leading to the cessation of studies. Therefore, a backup system is crucial for streamlining our studies, avoiding delays, and preventing the interruption of our efforts.

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