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Annual software license for PerkinElmer Signals Image Artist software
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National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences (NCATS)

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07/01/2022 - 06/30/2023
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30 days after receipt of order
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Not Set Aside
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PerkinElmer Informatics, Inc.
940 Winter Street
Waltham, MA 02451
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NCATS ITRB has been effectively using the PerkinElmer Columbus software system for integration of critical scientific systems and applications, and the PerkinElmer Signals Image Artist™ software system is designed as an extension of Columbus. Extending the current configuration of VMware will allow our infrastructure to operate in an optimal state in terms of cost, high availability and robustness. Based on our current deployment of this software family, we have identified areas of optimization and improvement and the vendor has customized the software accordingly. Changing integration software would not only have a substantial financial cost (software, customization and staff labor) but the possible down time while changing systems over could leave NCATS open to a critical failure which could result in additional time and money repairing equipment and installing additional patches, etc. Signals Image Artist™ software is the only commercial product that will provide this consistency of analysis. This software is not sold by vendors other than PerkinElmer.
Background/Description of Requirement
  1. Statement of Need and Purpose:The purpose of this procurement is to acquire an Annual Software license for PerkinElmer’s Signals Image Artist software.
  2. Background Information and Objective:The NCATS Chemical Genomics Center (NCGC) is tasked with identifying and developing novel small molecule leads against a wide spectrum of human disease targets, which it accomplishes by screening thousands of small molecules in collaboration with both intra-and extramural researchers. In pursuit of this goal, the Center has a strong internal transdisciplinary team of scientists who continually discover novel small molecules for application against a wide range of human diseases.

NCATS needs to upgrade to the PerkinElmer Signals Image Artist™ database and analysis software system to utilize newly released features. These new features include advanced network/data security, the ability to batch-process large numbers of fluorescence microscopy images via modern high-performance computing clusters, and improved algorithms for segmentation and analysis of cell morphology from fluorescence microscopy digital image sets. For 10+ years, NCATS has used the PerkinElmer Columbus database and analysis software system for management and analysis of digital microscopy images. However, the Columbus software will no longer be supported/upgraded in the future by PerkinElmer. In addition to the new essential features in Signals Image Artist™, this new software system will also continue to provide the legacy analysis functions that were previously provided by the Columbus software. Many ongoing research projects that have been analyzed with Columbus software at NCATS require consistent image analysis over time. This upgrade to Signals Image Artist™ software is the only commercial product that will provide this consistency of analysis. This software is not sold or supported by vendors other than PerkinElmer.

  1. Specific Requirements: The vendor will supply support and licenses as shown below:

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INF02358                          Signals Image Artist™ software                5

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