Law enforcement seizures of psilocybin mushrooms rose dramatically between 2017-2022

Law enforcement seizures of “magic mushrooms” or “shrooms” containing the psychoactive component psilocybin increased dramatically in the United States between January 2017 and December 2022, according to a new study funded by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, part of the National Institutes of Health. The number of law enforcement seizures increased from 402 seizures in 2017 to 1,396 in 2022. In addition, the total weight of psilocybin mushrooms seized by law enforcement increased from 226 kg (498 lbs) seized in 2017 compared to 844 kg (1,861 lbs) in 2022.



Psilocybin mushrooms fall under a broader drug category known as psychedelic and dissociative drugs, which can temporarily alter a person’s mood, thoughts, and perceptions. Self-reported data on the prevalence of their use is limited, though available research suggests that use of drugs like psilocybin that cause hallucinations has increased among adults aged 35-50 in recent years. In addition, research suggests that psilocybin is the most consumed plant-based psychedelic drug in the United States, with 11.3% of individuals aged 12 or older in the United States reporting having ever used psilocybin in 2022.

See NIDA’s press release on this study for additional information.


Graph: Number of law enforcement seizures of psilocybin mushrooms in the United States, 2017 - 2022. NIH-supported research highlights need to better understand psilocybin in context of growing psychedelic use.
YearNumber of law enforcement seizures of psilocybin mushrooms by year