2022-2026 NIDA Strategic Plan
Management and Accountability

Supporting a Cutting-Edge Research Infrastructure 

NIDA’s support for research infrastructure includes dedicated Centers to support data collection, storage, and new methodologies and analytical tools; centralized core facilities that provide shared access to instruments, technologies, expert consultation, and other services to scientists and clinicians; and mission-driven partnerships with other relevant community, institutional, or governmental stakeholders. 

Promoting Workforce Development

NIDA values every member of its workforce and will continue to provide opportunities for staff members to grow their scientific, technical, and leadership skills and to be recognized for outstanding performance. In addition, NIDA is taking important steps to identify and eliminate harassment, discrimination, and racism in the workplace through listening sessions, surveys, staff education, and procedures to help staff members talk about their experiences (see callout box, “NIDA’s Racial Equity Initiative”).

Reducing Administrative Burden

NIDA aims continually to streamline its business processes to enhance administrative efficiency while ensuring quality, consistency, and accountability. By conducting workflow analyses and utilizing standardized procedures, the Institute can adapt to shifting external and organizational needs.

Managing Risk

NIDA strives to proactively identify and mitigate external and internal risks. Working with HHS and NIH leadership, NIDA will continue to evaluate its operations and programs to ensure appropriate management and evolve its risk-management procedures to quickly respond to emerging situations.