George E. Woody, M.D., and Edwin Zvartau, M.D.

George E. Woody, M.D.
Veterans Affairs Medical Center and University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Edwin Zvartau, M.D.
Vice Rector for Science
Pavlov State Medical University
St. Petersburg, Russia

For a decade now, Drs. Woody, Zvartau, and their colleagues have built a productive international research team that progressed from personal contacts at scientific meetings through exchange visits, fellowships, small grants, and pilot studies to major research grants that support a vibrant partnership. Through presentations at meetings like the NIDA International Forum and one-on-one consultations with colleagues, they have described the logistical adjustments required to support international research collaborations and provided insight into the complex process of observing the research regulations in different political environments. Beginning in 1996, the research team has explored the efficacy of various pharmacological and behavioral therapies to treat heroin addiction in a cultural setting where methadone maintenance is not available. Separately and together, they have published the results of their research efforts and advanced our scientific understanding of potential treatments for drug addiction. Throughout their partnership, Drs. Woody, Zvartau, and colleagues have succeeded in improving the mechanisms for binational cooperative research while advancing our understanding of drug treatments.