Educational and Networking Opportunities

The NIDA International Program works with partners to develop and disseminate educational and networking opportunities.


NIDA Opportunities

  • NIDAMED: Clinical Resources
    Science-based resources for health professionals and those in training about screening, addressing, and treating addiction.
  • NIDA Clinical Trials NetworkGood Clinical Practice 
    The free Good Clinical Practice course prepares research staff to conduct clinical trials with human participants. The 12 modules are based on the international and U.S. principles for clinical research trials. A Certificate of Completion is valid for three years within the NIDA Clinical Trials Network.

Universal Curricula and Credentialing

  • Universal Prevention Curriculum and Universal Treatment Curriculum
    Based on international, evidence-based research, quality standards, and ethical principles for drug use and addiction prevention and treatment, these basic and advanced curricula are administered by ISSUP to provide training for substance use and addiction researchers and treatment providers.
  • Global Centre for Credentialing and Certification (GCCC)
    Part of the Colombo Plan Drug Advisory Programme, GCCC trains and issues credentials for International Certified Addiction Professionals using evidence-based universal curricula in prevention, treatment, and recovery programs that meet international standards. Supported by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, U.S. Department of State, International Consortium of Universities for Drug Demand Reduction, and ISSUP.

Degree and Certificate Programs

Other Opportunities