Dr. Tom Clarke Joins NIDA International Program Leadership Team

In late August, NIDA welcomed Thomas Clarke, Ph.D., M.P.H., as the new Deputy Director of the Office of Science Policy and Communications (OSPC). In addition to the OSPC Deputy Director role, Dr. Clarke will be managing the NIDA International Program together with Lindsey Friend, Ph.D., of NIDA’s Office of Research Training, Diversity, and Disparities. Jennifer Hobin, Ph.D., will be returning to her responsibilities as NIDA’s Director of the Office of Science Policy and Communications, and NIDA’s leadership team thanks her for supporting the International Program during a time of transition.  Dr. Clarke joined NIDA after spending 10 years at the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, serving in leadership roles focused on policy, program, and data analysis in the areas of substance use treatment, prevention, and mental health. He also previously worked in the nonprofit sector on global health initiatives focused on HIV prevention and treatment initiatives among Caribbean populations.

Drs. Friend and Clarke look forward to working together to further the existing strong partnerships between the NIDA International Program and the international research community, the global networks of investigators, and international organizations in the substance use and misuse field.