Powerful Poster Sessions-Case Studies

Slide#1: Intro slide to Powerful Poster Presentations: Case Studies.

Slide#2: Titled as ‘Presenter.’ There is a picture of Barret Whitener, and in this slide Mr. Whitener discusses his background and qualifications.  

Slide#3: Titled: ‘Goals of a Poster Session’.  Discusses the challenge of designing a poster.  Discusses making professional connections for future collaboration and career opportunities. Discusses how much information to place in a poster.  

Slide#4: Titled: ‘Critical Components’.  Discusses the ‘Main Question’ and states it is s single line of inquiry regarding research, as opposed to the entire hypothesis, which is placed on the poster.  The “Money” slide is discussed, which is the image that most summarizes one’s findings of their work.  Mentions that the poster be 15-20% larger than any one image.  Discusses the third critical component in the poster which is the answer to the main question called the ‘Take Home Message’. 

Slide#5: Titled ‘Case Study’ with fellow Huaihui Zhang printed in the middle of the slide.  Huaihui Zhang is also present in the presentation and about to make a comment.

Slide#6: Untitled.  Is a poster created by Huaihui Zhang.  Ms. Zhang begins speaking about how she went about putting the poster together. Barrett Whitener summarizes what Ms. Zhang mentioned suggesting that more images less text is most effective in poster communication.