Why Do You Study Addiction Science?

 |  Why Do You Study Addiction Science? introduces viewers to NIDA scientists as they share personal stories in the field of addiction science.

Sex, Meth and HIV

 |  Ending the HIV epidemic requires recognizing and respecting the complexity of sexual and gender minorities who use drugs

Why are Drugs so Hard to Quit?

 |  New NIDA animation tackles a common question and explains the science behind drug use and addiction to help light the path towards recovery.

What Radical Change Means

 |  NIDA Director Nora Volkow shares what radical change to save lives means during #OverdoseAwarenessWeek.

NIDA's Mentor-Facilitated Training Awards (MFT)

 |  Video about the Mentor-Facilitated Training Awards (MFT), which is a top priority of the NIDA CTN Dissemination Initiative in establishing partnerships with professional organizations serving the addiction treatment communities.

Reducing the Risks of Fentanyl in the U.S.

 |  This video was created in collaboration with NIDA's CTN and staff from the University of Pennsylvania Center for Addiction Medicine and Policy. It was produced in response to the more