Administrative Supplements to Promote Research Continuity and Retention

Purpose: The goal of this program is to support the transition and retention of investigators from mentored career development to research independence and to minimize departures from biomedical workforce at this critical juncture. The supplement is designed to promote continuity of the career development during a period in which the PD/PI experiences critical life events which have the potential to impact research progress or productivity.

Eligibility: Researchers with active selected K awards or R project grants are eligible. For the purposes of this program, childbirth, adoption, and primary caregiving responsibilities of an ailing spouse, child, partner, or a member of the immediate family during the project period are critical life events that would qualify for consideration. Administrative supplements must support work within the scope of the original project.

Budget: The budget is limited to one year, and $50,000 supplemental direct costs for K awards, or $80,000 direct costs for R awards.  Eligible expenses include:

  • Additional personnel
  • Computational services
  • Supplies and equipment

Application Process: Prospective applicants can apply under the general administrative supplement. For more detailed information see the notices for K-award recipients, or R-award recipients.

Additional information: For additional information on NIDA’s participation in the Research Continuity and Retention Program, contact Dr. Lindsey Friend at