Institutional Awards

Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Awards for Institutional Predoctoral and Postdoctoral Traineeships (T32) NIDA supports predoctoral and postdoctoral students through institutional training sites across the country. Applications for these positions need to go directly to the training sites’ program directors. Funding Announcement.
See current NIDA-funded T32 Institution Awards on NIH RePORTER.

Maximizing Opportunities for Scientific and Academic Independent Careers (MOSAIC) Institutionally-Focused Research Education Award to Promote Diversity (UE5 - Clinical Trial Not Allowed)
The program provides support for well-designed courses for skills development and mentoring activities to prepare cohorts of postdoctoral and early-career faculty scholars supported by MOSAIC K99/R00 awards to transition into, succeed, and advance in independent, tenure-track or equivalent, research-intensive faculty careers. The program has two components: an institutionally-focused research education cooperative agreement (UE5) and postdoctoral career transition award (K99/R00) to enhance diversity. Funding Announcement.

Mentored Clinical Scientists Development Program Award (K12)
Provides support to an educational institution or professional organization to support career development experiences for clinicians, leading to research independence. Newly trained clinicians are selected and appointed to the program by the grantee institution. Clinical research includes patient-oriented research, behavioral research, epidemiologic research, outcomes/health services research, and research with human tissues and specimens where an investigator directly interacts with human subjects in an outpatient or inpatient setting. Funding Announcement.

NIH Summer Research Experience Program for High School, College Students, and Science Teachers (R25)
Provides high quality summer research experiences for high school and college students, and for science teachers via institutional research education grants. These grant programs must focus on substance use/abuse/addiction and are expected to: help attract young students to careers in science; provide opportunities for college students to gain valuable research experience to help prepare them for graduate school; and enhance the skills of science teachers and enable them to more effectively communicate the nature of the scientific process to their students. The grant programs should also contribute to enhancing overall science literacy. Participants are selected and appointed to the program by the grantee institution. Funding Announcement.
See current NIDA-funded R25s on NIH RePORTER.

Providing Research Education Experiences to Enhance Diversity in the Next Generation of Substance Abuse and Addiction Scientists (R25 – Clinical Trials Not Allowed)
This NIDA R25 funding opportunity seeks to facilitate the research education of undergraduate students, postbaccalaureates, predoctoral students, postdoctoral fellows, and early-stage investigators from diverse backgrounds, including those from groups underrepresented in the NIDA research portfolio. Individuals who are knowledgeable about substance abuse and addiction research and interested in focusing on this research area later in their careers are encouraged to apply. Funding Announcement.
See current NIDA-funded R25s on NIH RePORTER.

Research Education Program for Clinical Researchers and Clinicians (R25)
NIDA supports the research education of medical/graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, medical residents, and/or independent scientists through institutional research education grants. These grants provide institutional support for clinically focused, transdisciplinary training programs in substance use/abuse/addiction research. Eligible participants should be training for careers as clinical researchers, clinicians/service providers, or (optimally) a combination of the two. Participants are selected and appointed to the program by the grantee institution. Funding Announcement.
See current NIDA-Funded R25s on RePORTER.

Alcohol and Other Substance Use Research Education Programs for Health Professionals (R25 Clinical Trial Not Allowed)
This NIH Research Education Program (R25) supports educational activities with a primary focus on outreach. This FOA provides support for educational programs designed to enhance the knowledge and skills of a wide array of health professional participants, both individuals currently practicing their professions and those in training for health professions. This program will support projects designed to engage practicing health care professionals in education about current and emerging knowledge derived from scientific research on the neurobiology, epidemiology, prevention, and/or treatment of alcohol and other substance use disorders and related health conditions. Funding Announcement.