What to know about the Postdoctoral Process - Transferring

Transferring Institutions

How difficult is it to change institutions?

Keep in mind that Government approval of transfers is rare. The reasons for the request must be compelling and may include both scientific and familial factors. Please do not start this process before talking with your Government Program Official. You must obtain Government approval before you move.

Who at NIDA will determine if I may be pre-approved for a change in institutions?

Your Program Official and your Grants Management Specialist must both agree to your transfer. If they both agree to the transfer, your Grants Management Specialist will sign-off for NIDA on approval for the transfer. The approval must be completed before you can transfer.

What questions will I need to answer if I am thinking about changing institutions?

Contact your Program Official as early as possible in order to ensure the greatest consideration of your proposal. The first question your Program Official will ask is whether you have enough time to make the transition. Many factors will affect the answer to that question. After you have addressed the timing issue, you must address the core concern in a proposed transfer. The core concern is that the proposal on which you were reviewed and funded will not be altered. Therefore, your Program Official will ask you to compare the qualifications and specializations of your current and proposed sponsors. You will need to compare their laboratories and institutional environment. You will also need to show that your research will be conducted as originally proposed, with few if any changes. In addition, your Program Official will ask you to obtain assurances from your proposed sponsor or department chair that they will fund any additional training time that you may require as a result of the transfer. When you have answered these questions, your Program Official will refer you to your Grants Management Specialist.

How will I be asked to formally convey these answers to NIDA about my changing institutions?

Your Grants Management Specialist will ask you to submit a formal transfer application. You will need to include the answers to the questions you discussed with your Program Official in your formal transfer application.