Mind Matters: The Body’s Response to Bath Salts

This video for middle school students explains how synthetic cathinones, commonly known as bath salts, affect the brain and the body. Check out the Mind Matters Series with other drugs and the body related videos and other teaching tools.

Mind Matters: The Body’s Response to Bath Salts

Video length: 1:02



Narrator speaking:

Bath Salts are a brand name for Synthetic Cathinones, which are drugs made in labs. 

They are similar to the Khat plant that grows in Africa, but the human-made version is much stronger and can be very dangerous. 

Bath Salts look like white or brown crystals and are usually found in plastic or foil packages. 

These are not the fizzy products like epsom salt that people use while bathing.

How do Bath Salts affect your brain and body? 

In the short-term, Bath Salts can make your heart beat very fast, make you feel overly friendly, very angry and violent, make you see things that aren’t real, and cause panic attacks. 

They can also cause kidney problems, weak muscles, and heart problems.