Mind Matters: The Body’s Response to Inhalants

This video for middle school students identifies common household items that are used as inhalants and explains how they may affect the brain and the body. Check out the Mind Matters Series with other drugs and the body related videos and other teaching tools

Mind Matters: The Body’s Response to Inhalants

Video length: 1:16



Narrator speaking:

Inhalants are chemicals found in everyday household products that some people use to get high. 

They breathe in the fumes through their nose or mouth, which is called sniffing, snorting, or huffing. 

Because the high only lasts a few seconds or minutes, some people use inhalants repeatedly to feel high longer.

Some products that people inhale include:

Nail polish remover

Felt-tip markers

Room fragrances 

Spray paint

Paint thinner

Hair spray

Whipped cream from cans

Cleaning products

Keyboard cleaner


When inhaled, the chemicals go into the lungs and in seconds they reach the brain.