Mind Matters: The Body’s Response to K2/Spice

This video for middle school students describes how synthetic cannabinoids, called K2 or Spice, affect the brain and the body. Check out the Mind Matters Series with other drugs and the body related videos and other teaching tools.

Mind Matters: The Body’s Response to K2/Spice

Video length: 1:01



Narrator speaking:

K2 and Spice are brand names of synthetic cannabinoids, which are drugs made in labs. 

These are chemicals that can alter your mind and make you see, feel, or hear things that aren’t there. 

These chemicals are sprayed onto dried leaves, to look like marijuana, and smoked. 

They’re also sold as liquids to be inhaled in e-vaporizers, or other devices, or put into tea to drink. 

How do K2 and Spice affect your brain and body? 

In the short-term, they can make you feel really relaxed, confused, make you see or hear things that aren’t real, increase your heart rate, and make you vomit. 

K2 and Spice can also cause seizures and kidney problems.