OSPC Staff Listings

Office of the OSPC Director (OD)
Name Title
Jennifer Hobin, Ph.D. Chief of Staff, NIDA; Director OSPC
Tom Clarke, Ph.D., M.P.H. Deputy Director
Carole (Niki) Andrews Lead Program Analyst
Holly Buchanan Staff Assistant
Usha Charya, B.A. Program Analyst
Lanette Palmquist, B.A. Program Analyst
Michelle Rankin, Ph.D. Health Science Administrator
Rachel Tillage, Ph.D. Scientific Program Specialist
Emerald Elder, M.A. Contractor (Administrative Assistant III)
Communications Branch (CB)
Name Title
Anne Rancourt Branch Chief, Communications Director
Mark Fleming Section Chief, DCS
Judith Lavelle Supervisory Public Affairs Specialist
Josie Anderson Audiovisual Production Specialist, DCS
Heather Boerner Technical Writer/Editor
Michelle Corbin Public Health Analyst
Rachel Evans Senior Press Officer
Stacy Lu Technical Writer/Editor
Brian Marquis Technical Information Specialist
Juwon Song Technical Writer/Editor
Allisen Stewart IT Specialist (INET), DCS
Ann Rea Contractor (Web support), DCS
Science Policy Branch (SPB)
Name Title
Emily Einstein, Ph.D. Branch Chief
Jessica Cotto, M.P.H. Deputy Branch Chief
Ruben Baler, Ph.D. Health Scientist Administrator
Elizabeth Barfield, Ph.D. Health Science Policy Analyst
Julie Frost, M.S. Health Science Policy Analyst
Beth Han, M.D., Ph.D., M.P.H. Epidemiologist
Dan Stimson, J.D., Ph.D. Health Science Policy Analyst
Eric Wargo, Ph.D. Science Writer