Marijuana Plant Material Available from the NIDA Drug Supply Program

Please Note: The NIDA Drug Supply Program (NDSP) is not currently accepting courier packages.  If you would like to order from the drug supply program please contact Mary MacDonald and/or NDSP mailbox by email to discuss your request.

See Frequently Asked Questions about Conducting Research with Cannabis and Hemp.

Marijuana Plant Material

Research grade marijuana products are available in a variety of cannabinoid content specifications as shown below.  While batches contain specific cannabinoid concentrations NIDA may be able to develop bulk marijuana of other cannabinoid concentrations to meet researcher needs.  For information on the availability of marijuana and marijuana products and their specific content please contact the NIDA Drug Supply Program Director, Mary MacDonald.

Marijuana cigarettes and bulk marijuana plant material produced under the NIDA DSP are available at no cost to research investigators who have an NIH grant. Marijuana is also available to research investigators who are funded through non-Federal sources on a cost-reimbursement basis. Please see the Note at the end of the tables for more information on costs.

Marijuana cigarettes

The following represents the existing stocks of manufactured marijuana cigarettes, which will be made available to the research community until depleted.  Please note that NIDA does not plan to manufacture marijuana cigarettes in the near future. Only bulk marijuana will generally be available for research

Table 1 - Marijuana Cigarettes (RTI)

Legend - Low = <1%; Medium = 1-5%; High =5-10%; ND = Not detected, N/A = Not available
Note: %THC contents may vary with time and storage conditions. Therefore researchers should inquire about latest THC strength before submitting their request.

Bulk Marijuana

Bulk marijuana is currently available in the following general categories, and due to recent interest its strength is being provided for both THC and CBD as Low (<1%), Medium (1-5%), High (5-10%), and Very High (>10%). Bulk marijuana has small amounts of other cannabinoids (CBC, CBG, CBN, and THCV) which are reported in the batch specific details.

  • Placebo marijuana (produced by solvent extraction)
    • THC (0%) / CBD (0%)
  • Low THC varieties 
    • Low THC (<1%) / Medium CBD (1-5%)
    • Low THC (<1%) / High CBD (5-10%)
    • Low THC (<1%) / Very High CBD (>10%)
  • Medium THC varieties
    • Medium THC (1-5%) / Low CBD (<1%)
    • Medium THC (1-5%) / Medium CBD (1-5%)
    • Medium THC (1-5%) / High CBD (5-10%)
    • Medium THC (1-5%) / Very High CBD (>10%)
  • High THC varieties
    • High THC (5-10%) / Low CBD (<1%)
    • High THC (5-10%) / High CBD (5-10%)
    • High THC (5-10%) / Very High CBD (>10%)
  • Very high THC varieties
    • Very High THC (>10%) / Low CBD (<1%)

Important note regarding cost-reimbursement

The services and material from the NIDA Drug Supply Program are generally free to NIH-sponsored investigators. Some requests may incur a nominal fee depending on study status, funding source, and type of material being requested. Pursuant to HHS policy published May 21, 1999 marijuana for non-Federally funded research is to be provided on a cost-reimbursement basis. NIDA intends to implement the following pricing schedule for collection of fees for marijuana once HHS and NIH develop updated policies and transactional procedures on the specifics regarding cost-reimbursement of research substances for non-Federally supported projects. These policies and procedures may significantly impact the timing, mechanisms, and recipient of any collected fees but will not impact the shipments. An update will be posted once the final Guidance is received.

Marijuana Pricing Schedule

  • Non-placebo Cigarette - $10.96 each
  • Placebo Cigarette - $13.94 each
  • Bulk Marijuana - $2,497 per kilogram