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These links were selected because they offer direct access to various information useful to substance abuse researchers.

Research Centers

General Information

  • Concept papers (PDF, 143KB) Grant applicants are encouraged to contact a DESPR program official (PO) to ensure that their concept is a good fit with evolving public health and scientific needs. It is often best if you draft a concept paper prior to contacting a PO as this will enable better guidance from officials on developing your grant application. PO contact information is listed on the web pages of each branch. Although there is no requirement to do so, experience tends to show that involving a PO early in a project's evolution results in a competitive application.
  • National Addiction and HIV Data Archive Program (NAHDAP), University of Michigan, ICPSR. NAHDAP acquires, preserves and disseminates data relevant to drug addiction and HIV research. By preserving and making available an easily accessible library of electronic data on drug addiction and HIV infection in the United States, NAHDAP offers scholars the opportunity to conduct secondary analysis on major issues of social and behavioral sciences and public policy. Program Contact: Kathy Etz

Financing and Economic Research

  • Substance Abuse Services Cost Analysis Program (SASCAP)
    A battery of cost data collection instruments designed to collect service costs and revenue (SASCAP-Cost) and labor costs (SASCAP- Labor) across treatments developed by Dr. Gary Zarking and Laura Dunlap at RTI in North Carolina.

Prevention and Treatment Resources

Statistical Analysis

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