Division of Therapeutics and Medical Consequences (DTMC)

What We Do:

  1. Plans and directs studies necessary to identify, evaluate, develop, and obtain FDA approval for new medications and devices to treat Substance Use Disorders (SUD) and related medical and psychiatric conditions;
  2. Develops and administers a program on basic and clinical research to (a) develop innovative  pharmacological and non-pharmacological approaches for SUDs and related medical and psychiatric conditions and (b) investigate the medical consequences of drug abuse, including HIV/AIDS;
  3. Supports research to identify valid and reliable outcome measures for clinical trials of therapeutics for SUDs;
  4. Supports training in the pre-clinical and clinical research of therapeutics for SUDs;
  5. Collaborates with: (a) the pharmaceutical sector in both the United States and abroad, and (b) other federal therapeutic development programs;
  6. Works closely with FDA in assuring that research designed to demonstrate the clinical efficacy of new compounds is evaluated and approved in an expeditious manner; and
  7. Disseminates the knowledge acquired by the DTMC funded research.

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Division of Therapeutics & Medical Consequences
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