DTMC Staff Listings

Office of the DTMC Director (OD)
Ivan Montoya, M.D., M.P.H.Director(301) 827-5936
Jane B. Acri, Ph.D.Acting Deputy Director(301) 827-5907
Aida Klun, M.B.A., MSHS, PMPProgram Analyst(301) 827-5929
Grace AnochieStaff Assistant(301) 827-5917
Justin DrottExtramural Support Assistant(301) 827-5923
Clinical/Medical Branch (CMB)
NameTitle/General DutiesPhone
Shwe Gyaw, M.D.Chief(301) 827-5924
Jana Drgonova, Ph.D.Health Scientist Administrator/Program Officer 
Guifang Lao, M.D., Ph.D.Health Scientist Administrator/Training(301) 827-5931
Raul N. Mandler, MD; FAAN; FANAMedical Officer/Medical Consequences(301) 480-2541
Jennifer Wong, Ph.D.Regulatory Affairs Specialist/Health Scientist Administrator(301) 827-6267
Regulatory Affairs Branch (RAB)
NameTitle/General DutiesPhone
Julia Solarczyk Donnelly, M.S., RACChief(301) 451-7262
Marta De Santis, Ph.D.Senior Regulatory Affairs Specialist/Health Scientist Administrator(301) 827-5922
Chemistry and Pharmaceutics Branch (CPB)
NameTitle/General DutiesPhone
Richard "Rik" Kline, Ph.D.Chief(301) 827-5243
Mary MacDonald, Ph.D.Medicinal Chemist(301) 827-6239
Charles Marschke, B.S.Chemist/Compound Management (301) 594-9415
Jason Sousa, Ph.D.Chemist(301) 827-5919
Feng Li, B.Pharm., M.Sc., Ph.D.Chemist/Formulation and Drug-delivery Systems(301) 480-1830
Medications Discovery and Toxicology Branch (MDTB)
NameTitle/General DutiesPhone
David White, Ph.D.Acting Branch Chief(301) 827-5981
Carol Hubner, Ph.D.Acting Director, Addiction Treatment Discovery Program and Health Scientist Administrator(301) 827-5926
Jenny Browning, Ph.D.Health Scientist Administrator(301) 451-1479
Matthew A. Seager, Ph.D.Health Scientist Administrator(301) 443-6270
E. Drew Townsend, Ph.D.Health Scientist Administrator/Behavioral Pharmacology(301) 443-4577
Clinical Research Grants Branch (CRGB)
NameTitle/General DutiesPhone
Will M. Aklin , Ph.D.Chief(301) 827-5909
Aidan Hampson, Ph.D.Health Scientist Administrator/Cannabis(301) 827-5925
Evan Herrmann, Ph.D.Health Scientist Administrator(301) 827-6406
Katrina Foster, Ph.D.Health Scientist Administrator/Substance Use Disorders(301) 827-5815
Carmela M. Reichel, Ph.D.Health Scientist Administrator(301) 827-6922
Jia Bei Wang, MD, Ph.D.Health Scientist Administrator(301594-4565
Tatiana "Tanya" Ramey, M.D., Ph.D.Medical Officer(301) 827-5944