Office of the DTMC Director (OD)

Our Mission:

To use science as a vehicle for improving the management of Substance Use Disorders (SUD) and their medical consequences, including HIV; with an emphasis on the identification, evaluation, and development of safe and effective medications, biologics, therapeutics (devices, digital) and behavioral therapies, to treat Opioid, Stimulant, Cannabis and Nicotine Use Disorders.

Staff Biographies and Research Interests:

  • Ivan Montoya, M.D., M.P.H. - Acting Director
    Dr. Montoya is a psychiatrist and epidemiologist who specializes in the development of therapeutics for Substance Use Disorders (SUDs). He provides programmatic oversight for grants and contracts in DTMC, and manages activities and resources of the Division involved in the research of new therapeutics and the medical consequences of SUDs. He also provides medical oversight to grants and contracts, as well as supports the development and implementation of policies and procedures for data and medical safety monitoring of clinical trials. He leads the NIH’s Helping to End Addiction Long Term (HEAL) Initiative to develop new interventions to prevent and treat opioid use disorders and overdose. Previous experience includes seven years as a clinical investigator in the Intramural Research Program of NIDA, and four years in academia. He joined NIDA Extramural Research Program in December of 1999.
  • Jane B. Acri, Ph.D. - Acting Deputy Director
    Dr. Jane Acri has been a preclinical scientist in the field drug abuse research since 1992.  She provides programmatic oversight for grants and contracts in DTMC, and manages activities and resources of the Division involved in the development of new therapeutics for SUDs. She provides oversight to grants and contracts aimed at the evaluation of the safety and efficacy of compounds with potential for development as new medications for stimulant, nicotine, and opioid use disorders. She was the Chief of Medication Discovery and Toxicology Branch from 2009 to 2021, and was Director of the Addiction Treatment Discovery Program from 1998 to 2010. Previous experience includes eight years of direct experience in drug abuse research at Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences where she received her doctorate, and the NIDA Intramural Research Program prior to joining DTMC in 1996. She has an MA from Catholic University and a BA from Washington University in St. Louis.
  • Aida M. Klun, M.B.A., MSHS, PMP - Program Analyst
    Plans, coordinates, and executes the administrative and managerial aspects of the Division. Assists the Director, DTMC with special research and analysis projects, personnel management, project management and strategic planning, procurement, space and property management, special events, presentations, special projects, operations and clinical trial budgets, technology transfer and other business-related interactions with private industry and academia, in support of divisional planning and evaluation activities. Joined DTMC in 1997.