Request a Technical Meeting

The next step in the process is to request and complete a Technical Assistance meeting with a Program Officer. The Technical Assistance meeting ensures the Program Officer understands the problem you are solving and your overall approach. The goal of the meeting is to help companies understand the grant application process, application resources, and next steps.

Steps to request and complete a Technical Assistance Meeting:

  1. Review the eligibility requirements and confirm that your small business meets the requirements. If you have questions about your company’s eligibility, continue to schedule the Technical Assistance Meeting, where the OTIPI team can provide further guidance.
  2. Contact the OTIPI team to schedule your Technical Assistance Meeting.
  3. Once you reach out, the meeting coordinator will send you a brief questionnaire where you will have an opportunity to explain the problem you are solving and the overall value proposition. Answers to the questionnaire will be used to guide the discussion during the Technical Assistance Meeting.
  4. Once the meeting with an OTIPI Program Officer is complete, the next step is to complete the necessary (free) company registrations.


Step 3: Review Solicitations and Complete Registrations
Learn more about the five registrations required for your small business and review funding opportunities to which your small business can apply.