Temple University Center

The Temple University Center for Adolescent Implementation Research (TUCAIR) for JJ-TRIALS, at Temple’s Department of Criminal Justice, brings together experience in collaboration with justice agencies and community-based treatment and other service providers in implementation research, with expertise in substance abuse assessment for adult and juvenile offenders. Dr. Steven Belenko (PI), co-founded the Center for Evidence-based Interventions for Crime and Addiction and led development of strategies to promote research-to-practice efforts and improve treatment for juvenile drug offenders. He has been PI of Temple’s CJ-DATS2 research center. Dr. Wayne Welsh (Co-I) has worked in developing and implementing treatment interventions in corrections and community corrections settings. He was a lead researcher for Temple on two CJ-DATS2 protocols. Co-I Dr. Matthew Hiller’s research focuses on treatment process, outcomes, motivation and engagement, co-occurring disorders, psychosocial change, and health services utilization. He has played a key role in Temple’s CJ-DATS2 research center. Dr. Philip Harris (Co-I) has evaluated juvenile justice programs and developed a system for ongoing measurement of program outcomes to inform program administrators.  Co-I Dr. Jennifer Wood’s research is on organizational change and the conditions needed for embedding, diffusing, and sustaining change within and across organizational units. She is TUCAIR’s lead qualitative researcher. Dr. Marsha Zibalese-Crawford, Co-I from Temple’s School of Social Administration and lead administrator of the Pennsylvania Youth Survey, researches substance abuse and delinquency from a community perspective, how attention to risk and protective factors can delay substance-related delinquent behaviors, and the determinants or predictors of inter-agency relations in health and human services. Dr. Richard Dembo, University of South Florida subaward PI, has developed and established screening and assessment procedures, including STD testing, for arrested youth in Hillsborough County. He has collaborated with juvenile justice and service delivery agencies and worked with at-risk youths in a variety of settings.  Temple’s primary collaborating JJ partner is Judy Roysden, Chief Probation Officer for the 13th circuit of the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice in Hillsborough County.