Seek, Test, Treat and Retain: Addressing HIV among Vulnerable Populations

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DemographicsDemographic Measure (PDF, 328KB)
Access to Care (including Health-Related Quality of Life)Access to Care Subscale (PDF, 434KB)
Barriers to Care/TreatmentKalichman's Barriers to Medical Care (PDF, 287KB)
Health LiteracyHealth Literacy Screener (PDF, 193KB)
Mental HealthCenter for Epidemiologic Studies Depression Scale (CES-D)(PDF, 471KB)
HIV AdherenceSafeTalk Visual Analog Scale Aid (PDF, 414KB)
HIV Risk BehaviorsHIV Risk Measure (PDF, 471KB)
Drug and Alcohol UseDrug and Alcohol Measure (PDF, 340KB)
Service UtilizationService Utilization (Adherence) Measure (PDF, 537KB)
HIV/HCV/STI TestingHIV/HCV Testing Domains Measure (PDF, 336KB)
Biological DataMeasure of Virologic, Immunologic, and Drug Use Assessment Parameters (PDF, 217KB)


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Principal Investigator/ ContractorInstitutionGrant Title
Greg Lucas, M.D., Ph.D. 
Shruti Meta, Ph.D., MPH
Johns Hopkins UniversityIntegrated Care Clinics for IDUs in India: A Cluster Randomized Trial
Marya Gwadz, Ph.D.New York UniversityPeer-Driven Intervention to Seek, Test & Treat Heterosexuals at High Risk for HIV
Ann Duerr, M.D., Ph.D., MPHFred Hutchinson Cancer Research CenterHIV Testing and Treatment to Prevent Onward HIV Transmission Among High-Risk MSM
Wendee Wechsberg, Ph.D.Research Triangle InstituteCombination Prevention for Vulnerable Women in South Africa
Chinazo Cunningham, M.D.Albert Einstein College of MedicineAbstinence Reinforcing Contingency Management to Suppress HIV Viral Load
Ann Kurth, R.N., Ph.D., MPH 
Peter Cherutich, MBChB, MPH
New York UniversityTest and Linkage to Care (TLC_IDU) Kenya
Jeffrey Samet, M.D., MPHBoston Medical CenterLinking Russian Narcology & HIV Care To Enhance Treatment, Retention, & Outcomes
Jacqueline Tulsky, M.D.University of California, San FranciscoSeek, Test, Treat and Retain Strategies Leveraging Mobile Health Technologies
Lisa Metsch, Ph.D. 
Carlos Del Rio, M.D.
University of MiamiProject Retain: Providing Integrated Care for HIV-Infected Crack Cocaine Users
Wafaa El-Sadr, M.D., MPH 
Sharon Mannheimer M.D.
Columbia UniversitySTAR-Seek, Test and Retain. Linkages for Black HIV+, Substance Using MSM

Source: National Institutes of Health, Research Portfolio Online Reporting Tools, RePORTER. Available online: