Brain Development Research Consortium

What We Do:

The mission of the NIDA Brain Development Research Consortium is to foster translational science on brain development, cognition, behavior and functioning to advance the understanding of drug abuse and addiction, prevention, treatment and recovery within the scientific mission areas of NIDA.

The Brain Development Research Consortium includes a multidisciplinary group of NIDA staff representing diverse programs and offices working to enhance basic and clinical research on drug abuse by examining neurodevelopment, addiction and the complex interplay of contextual, behavioral, and genetic factors.

Research Areas of Interest:

  • neonatal, fetal and pediatric biomarkers, drug exposure, abstinence and treatment;
  • emotional regulation, attention, functoning and brain plasticity;
  • critical developmental periods and pathways for vulnerability/resilience to drug abuse;>
  • novel drug abuse prevention in diverse settings;
  • drug abuse and psychiatric comorbidities across the life course;
  • addiction, developmental risk and HIV;
  • behavioral and pharmacological treatments for substance abuse in adolescence;
  • pediatric and adolescent multisite clinical trials; and
  • drug abuse recovery for youths and young adults.


Links of Interest to Multisite Research and Tools:

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Past BDRC Associated Funding Announcements

BDRC Members:

  • Amy Lossie (DNB)
  • Anne Tsai (DNB)
  • Chloe Jordan (HBCD)
  • Da-Yu Wu (DNB)
  • Elizabeth Barfield (NIDA OD Science Policy)
  • Elizabeth Hoffman (ABCD)
  • Elizabeth Powell (NIAAA)
  • Gaya Dowling (DER)
  • Geetha Subramaniam (CCTN)
  • Gerald McLaughlin (OER)
  • Holly Moore (DNB)
  • Janani Prabhakar (DNB)
  • Jane Acri (DTMC)
  • Jessica Cotto (OSPC)
  • Jia Bei Wang (DTMC)
  • John Satterlee (DNB)
  • Jonathan Pollock (DNB)
  • Julie Frost Bellgowan (OD)
  • Katherine Cole (DER)
  • Kathleen Borgmann (DNB)
  • Katia Howlett (DER)
  • Kimberly LeBlanc (ABCD/HBCD)
  • Mary Kautz (DNB)
  • Michelle Freund (ABCD)
  • Rita Valentino (DNB)
  • Roger Little (DNB)
  • Sunila Nair (DNB)
  • Susan Wright (DNB)
  • Tsung-Ping Su (IRP)
  • Udi Ghitza (CCTN)
  • Xiaoming Wang (CCTN)