Cannabis Science Interest (CSI) Group

What We Do:

The mission of the Cannabis Scientific Interest (CSI) Group is to facilitate the coordination of cannabis activities and provide a forum for staff from all NIDA Divisions and the Intramural Research Program to exchange ideas, receive updates, and develop research initiatives related to cannabis and synthetic cannabinioids.  The CSI Group aims to promote discussion and knowledge dissemination about cutting edge scientific findings as well as changes in policy and legal status of cannabis, in order to generate innovative ideas for NIDA's research portfolio and dissemination/outreach strategies for all audiences. 
Expected outcomes include:

  1. the development of new funding opportunity announcements;
  2. recommendations for seminars/webinars to inform NIDA staff about the state of the science and new opportunities; and
  3. improved communication throughout the Institute regarding NIDA’s involvement in cannabis research, and NIDA’s stance on marijuana policy.