Administrative Management Branch (AMB)

What We Do:

The Administrative Management Branch (AMB) facilitates business and administrative services to NIDA extramural; provides timely, accurate, consistent and courteous support to staff in their roles at NIDA and creates an environment that fosters confidence in all administrative processes; and optimizes staff potential in support of NIDA’s mission.

AMB performs the following functions:

  • Plans, directs, and provides centralized administrative services and management support for the IC Office of the Director and all IC extramural programs including travel, procurement, human resources, awards, training, space management, property management, time and attendance, and resource allocations, emergency management;
  • Provides coordination and oversight of the Institute-wide purchase card and travel card programs;
  • Administers and coordinates the Institute-wide performance management and appraisal program;
  • Coordinates and manages the Institute's special recognition programs including the NIH Director's Award and NIDA Director's Award;
  • Works with management to address and resolve administrative and operational issues which impact employees, performance, morale and the work environment.

Subject Matter Expert Contact List

Administrative Management Branch
Name Title Phone Areas of Responsibility
Amy Doster Chief (301) 827-4099
  • Oversight of all administrative services for NIDA HQ
  • IC Property Accountable Officer and Back up Telework Coordinator
  • Alternate Occupant Emergency Coordinator
Chanvadey Nhim Administrative Officer (301) 827-4150
  • ITAS Coordinator
  • Awards Coordinator
  • Occupant Emergency Coordinator
  • Travel Policy/HPOC
  • Leave Bank Coordinator and Telework Coordinator
  • Purchasing Coordinator
  • Pathways Interns and LMS Administrators
  • Servicing Area - DESPR
Shawntay Lewis Administrative Officer (301) 827-4127
  • Purchase Card Holder
  • Special Projects
  • Property Custodial Officer
  • Alternate Occupant Emergency Coordinator
  • Mobile Device Coordinator
  • Onboarding/Offboarding (COAC only)
  • Servicing Area - OA & CCTN
Keisha Miller Administrative Officer (301) 827-4130
  • Purchase Card Holder
  • Property Custodial Officer
  • Special Projects
  • Travel Card Coordinator
  • Servicing Area - OD, OM & DER
Paula Peltier Program Specialist (301) 827-4153
  • Purchasing Coordinator
  • IC Invoice Specialist
  • Purchase Card Holder
  • POTS IC Coordinator, IC Purchase Card Program
Nichole Wise Administrative Officer (301) 443-8764
  • LMS Administrator
  • Property Custodial Officer
  • Tier Designations
  • NIDA Telework Coordinator
  • Purchase Card Holder
  • Servicing Area - OSPC