Information Resource Management Branch (IRMB)

What We Do:

The IRMB provides a focal point for Institute-wide information technology management by providing support for the planning, developing, implementing and operational support for the Institute's information technology program.

This responsibility includes these functional areas:

  • IRM Strategic Planning: Formulates and executes formal strategic and operational plans as required by NIH and the Department; assesses and projects the needs of the Institute, considering and anticipating the technological advances of the information technology industry and how the Institute can best use them to its advantage
  • Systems Analysis: Determines the specific needs of the Institute through discussion, observation, interview, and questionnaire, resulting in documents which present a thorough description of the needed applications of technology
  • Software Maintenance: Manages the modification of existing application software inventory as a result of user requests, previously unknown problems, and administrative procedure or policy changes
  • Systems Development: Manages the development of new and/or major changes to existing application software which will accomplish a given task, including the testing and documenting phases of the system life cycle application software inventory as a result of user requests, previously unknown problems, and administrative procedure or policy
  • Technical Assistance: Provides support for all information technology equipment and underlying software used throughout the Institute, including the installation of commercial off-the-shelf software packages and the assuring that staff are fully utilizing the features of the available hardware/software
  • Training: Ensures that Institute staff are aware of the sources available for the classes necessary to utilize the information technology software/hardware provided for their use
  • IT Security: Enforces secure information technology practices, including equipment and software inventory control; promotes information technology security awareness

Subject Matter Expert Contact List

Information Resource Management Branch
NameTitlePhoneAreas of Responsibility
Gregg FriedmanCIO/IRMB Branch Chief(301) 827-4084
  • General Oversight of NIDA IT
  • Develop, Manage, and Maintain IT Strategic Plans
Berhane YitbarekComputer Engineer(301) 827-4167
  • Manages the NIDA Desktop and Infrastructure Program
  • Manage Enterprise Software Licenses
  • IT Security Support
Zoe ShiehIT Specialist(301) 827-4156
  • OD Support
  • IT Security Support
Chris SquiersISSO(301) 827-6891
  • NIDA IT Security Program Management
  • Establishes, Administers, and Communicates IT Security Policies
  • IT Security Compliance Reviews of Systems, Applications, & Contracts
  • Vulnerability & Incident Remediation Management
Stuart BerlinApplications Project Manager(301) 827-7807
  • Collaborative Tools and SharePoint Application Lead
  • Project Management
  • System Analysis
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Database Analysis and Design
  • Strategic Planning/Policy
  • SDLC (Software Development Lifecycle Support) Management
  • Operations & Maintenance