Carryover of an Unobligated Balance for NIDA Training Grants (T32s & T90s)

The carryover of unspent funds on a T32 or T90 award is subject to the prior approval of NIDA program and grants management staff.

Prior to submitting the carryover request, please confirm that your organization has submitted the most recent Federal Financial Report (FFR).  FFRs for NIDA T32s and T90s are due annually, no later than September 30. The FFR must be submitted electronically through the eRA Commons. Failure to submit an FFR in a timely manner will delay NIDA's ability to review the carryover request. Upon submitting the FFR via eRA Commons, recipients are encouraged to contact their assigned GMS, to expedite the FFR review process.

Prior to requesting additional training slots, note that all allocated slots must be filled. NIDA will not consider carryover requests to increase the annual stipend levels, tuition and fees and training related expenses established by NIH.

The carryover request must be submitted a minimum of 30 days in advance of the planned use of the carryover. For example, if you are interested in requesting an additional training slot on April 1, the request must be submitted no later than March 1.

Submitting Your Carryover Request for a NIDA Training grant (2 options)

Electronic submission of carryover requests is strongly encouraged (Prior Approval Module). Please see links under the ‘references’ section for information regarding submitting a carryover request electronically, via the prior approval eRA module, as well as an eRA Commons user guide.

Alternatively, recipients can submit carryover requests to the grants specialist and program officer via email, from the authorized organization representative (AOR).  The request must include the following information:  

  1. Amount of funds requested for carryover
    • Include direct trainee costs, F&A costs, and total costs
  2. Detailed budgetary and scientific explanation for the unobligated balance, including why there is a need for carryover. This can be provided on a (PHS 2590, NRSA Additional Budget Page 2 and Form Page 6 checklist)
  3. An explanation of why there is an unobligated balance and a detailed justification for the use of funds.

NIDA staff responsibilities

Both the assigned PO and GMS will review the AOR-submitted request. If the request is approved, your institution will receive a revised NoA. If carryover is denied or additional information is necessary, you will receive email notification from your GMS.

Recipients are strongly encouraged to contact your NIDA Program and Grants Management specialist with any questions about your carryover request. The telephone number and email address of your NIDA Program Officer and your NIDA Grants Specialist are available in the eRA Commons, on your Notice of Award, and are also available here, at NIH NED.